Game Mini Egret 2 Famitsu DX Luxury Limited Edition

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Game Mini Egret 2 Famitsu DX Luxury Limited Edition includes:

1x 15 pins collection with a special acrylic display. 

Size per Pins: 30 mm.

Acrylic Stand Size: 270x150 mm.

1x instrument card A4 clear file with 4 types set.

1x Mini Arcade. Size: 155x200x209 mm.

40 arcade games from 1978 to 1997. Titles such as: Lunar Rescue, Quicks, elevator Action, Chack'n Pop, Bubble Bobble, Rastan Saga, and many more to be announced.

1x Mini instruction panel.

1x HDMI cable.

1x USB power cable.

1x Paddle and TrackBall Pack: comes with a mini instrument card set and an Anniversary Album CD, commemorating the 70th anniversary of Taito and the 35th anniversary of ZUNTATA.

1x Mini dedicated control panel (2P color).

1x Mini dedicated control panel.

1x Luxury special edition limited original strategy guide.

Language(s): Japanese.

Developer(s)/Publisher: Taito/ZUNTATA.


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