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Berserker/Tamamo Cat Fate/Grand Order


Release Date : Jun 2018

Master Its time for walkies You bring the collarFrom the popular smartphone game FateGrand Order comes a 17th scale figure of the Berserker class servant Tamamo Cat She has been sculpted wearing her lovely bright red kimonoHer cute facial expression and pose has been captured faithfully with the contrasting bare shoulders giving the figure a bit of a sexy side as well The hands and tail has also been carefully crafted to capture the fluffy-looking appearance as realistically as possible Be sure to add the adorable Tamamo Cat to your ChaldeaTYPE-MOON FGO PROJECTGood Smile Company - BerserkerTamamo Cat Painted 17th scale ABSPVC figure with stand included Approximately 200mm in height

Good Smile

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