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Carpaccio GIRLS und PANZER der Film


Carpaccio GIRLS und PANZER der Film

The other vice-commander of the Anzio Girls High School team in her swimsuit!From \"GIRLS und PANZER der Film\" comes a 1/7 scale figure of Anzio Girls High School’s vice-commander Carpaccio in her swimsuit! The figure follows on from similar figures of Pepperoni and Anchovy that look great when displayed together!She has been sculpted wearing a modest white and green swimsuit with a smile on her face that brings out her gentle personality. The base of the figure also features a Semovente tank made out of sand, creating a figure filed with all sorts of highlights to enjoy!©GIRLS und PANZER Film Projekt Carpaccio Painted 1/7th scale ABS&PVC product with stand included. Approximately 220mm in height.

Good Smile

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