Do you ship worldwide ?


How do you calculate the transportation fees ?

The transportation fees are calculate automatically based on the weight of your package. The more products/weight you add into your cart, the more the transportation fees will increase.

Why sometimes the price change a little bit ?

Our prices are base on JPY.  The exchange rate between JPY and your local currency fluctuates and this rate is update every 24 hours. That is why there are slight differences (usually a few cents) from one day to another.

Why sometimes the price change radically ?

The item became rare. It means there is an high demand for few stock in all Japan

When do you ship packages if there is one item in pre-order, and another in-stock item included in my cart ?

Your package will be shipped on the day of the release of the pre-order item. If fast shipping time is preferred for in-stock items, please place orders separately.

I ordered a few days ago but still haven't received any shipement confirmation or tracking number, is this normal ?

A)Some customers are confused between shipment day and delivery day we send your package between 3~7 business days, customers will receive their orders approximately SAL : 14~31 days, AIR : 7~14 days, EMS : 3~5 days ( upon the selected shipping method )

**The number of delivery days does not include the number of shipment days. You will receive a confirmation email the day of shipment including your tracking number

B)Your order includes one or several pre order item You will receive a confirmation email the day of shipment including your tracking number the day of the pre order item release or within a few days.

I would like to pay in euros but everytime I change the currency I get quicked out of the page, what should I do ?

This case can happen with some browser, to pay in another currency, please delete the items in your current cart. In order : 

  1. You can change your currency
  2. Add the products in your cart

You will be able to complete your transaction in the currency wished.

I have only the EMS shipping option available, why ?

SAL & AIR accept only package below those dimension L x L x H = > 90 cm.

The product you choosed is too big for those dimension.