Most frequently asked questions
  • Q. When will my order be shipped ?
  • A. Your order will be shipped between 3 to 7 business days
  • Q. Where is my tracking number ?
  • A. Your tracking number will be given to you the day your order is shipped. You can confirm your order is Shipped and see your tracking number in your Order History page.
  • Q. I ordered 7 days ago, I still have no information about my package why ?
  • A. First of all, please note your order may include a pre order item, please check directly product page to know the availability date. Secondly, your package may already shipped, our confirmation mail probably reach your SPAM folder. Please check your SPAM folder and accept mail coming from meccha-japan. You can also directly check your package status and tracking number on your profile page, order history details.
  • Q. Can I add items to my order ? Can I combine orders ?
  • A. Please note that you cannot add any items to an existing order, nor combine orders you placed on Meccha Japan at this time.
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If you have selected the Boat shipping method and would like to inquire about delivery delays, we kindly ask you to only contact us after a 4 month period from your shipping date.  


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