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Special : Downtime from 9th to 13th
  • On March 9, the French data center OVH experienced a major incident neutralizing millions of sites. We were unfortunately affected.
  • We apologize for the time the site has been inactive and also for the data lost on March 9th.
    We did our best to restore the website from backup.
  • Do I have to create my account again if I created it the 9th ?
  • Unfortunately, yes. We are extremely sorry for the loss.
  • Do I have to purchase again if I placed a order the 9th ?
  • No, we still have the payment and order's information.
    But we invite you to contact us to confirm. Please send us all possible information: Order content, price, delivery address, and the Paypal transaction number.
    This information can be found in the emails you received following the order (check spam folder).
  • I placed an order the 8th, do i have to do something ?
  • If you manage to log in and see your order in your history then you are not affected by this problem.

  • Q. When will my order be shipped ?
  • A. Your order will be shipped between 3 to 7 business days
  • Q. I ordered 7 days ago, I still have no information about my package why ?
  • A. First of all, please note your order may include a pre order item, please check directly product page to know the availability date. Secondly, your package may already shipped, our confirmation mail probably reach your SPAM folder. Please check your SPAM folder and accept mail coming from meccha-japan. You can also directly check your package status and tracking number on your profile page, order history details.
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