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MODEROID Bakuryu-Oh Matchless Raijin-Oh

Release Date : Sep 2019

MODEROID Bakuryu-Oh Matchless Raijin-Oh

A new plastic model kit! Transforms from Bakuryu Dragon to Bakuryu-Oh, and even God Raijin-Oh!From \"Matchless Raijin-Oh\" comes a plastic model kit of Bakuryu-Oh! Both the Bakuryu Dragon and Bakuryu-Oh forms can be recreated. Additionally, when combined with MODEROID Raijin-Oh (sold separately), you can recreate the God Raijin-Oh form! The kit includes runners separated into 7 colors as well as pre-painted parts, allowing the model to look amazing simply by being put together! The model is made from ABS, PS, and POM plastic.Special stand included.© MODEROID Bakuryu-Oh Assemblable plastic model kit. Not to scale. Approximately 160mm in height.

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