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PLAMAX Naked Angel 1/20 Shoko Takahashi(Rerelease)


PLAMAX Naked Angel 1/20 Shoko Takahashi(Rerelease)

Takasho's Naked Angel Debut!The body of a beautiful woman, perfectly recreated. Combining 3D scanning technology with plastic models to make the brand new "Naked Angel" series. The fifth in the series is a plastic model of the popular actress who can also play guitar, Shoko Takahashi!After a detailed 3D scan, the data is converted to a mold and sculpted. Assemble the models and enjoy never-before-seen realism at your fingertips. Two models, a standing version and sitting version are included.*Adhesive is required for assembly*PLAMAX Naked Angel 1/20 Shoko Takahashi PS 1/20th scale assemblable plastic model kit. Approximately 80mm in height.

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